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The most profound technologies are those that disappear.

They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.   -Mark Weiser.

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Welcome to Follow Travels. Where you can have your On Road presence go directly Online. Have you ever wanted to use your business vehicle to drive traffic to your website or directly boost your sales? Have you ever seen a vehicle promoting a business only to misread the contact details and lose it forever?

Did you know that nearly 70% of your customers who have seen you on the road have researched YOU online before they come to you? Many of your customers just want to get to know WHO you are before they connect and make themselves known to you. Are you willing to have them see you on the road and then Google search your name with the competition showing in the same search?

Now, thanks to Follow Travels you will be able to build an online profile listing with all your personal or business branding, logos, links and details and have it linked directly to your cars and business vehicles on the road. You will be easy to find via the Follow Travels phone app and there will be many applications of this concept. We will be rolling out new features over the next 2 years.

What Follow Travels means to you is that as anyone sees you on the road they can have instant access to all your online information and links from the Follow Travels phone app. You set up your own branding, images and profile page with easy technology and have control at all times.

What Follow Travels really means to you is that you get to keep your potential customers focused on you when they see you on the road and show interest in you via your Follow Travels listing.

Go and claim your place with Follow Travels, create a fun profile and download the app so you can 'follow' others too.

Free* - Both the On Road app and a profile. * you will need to purchase the travel 'pin' so you can be seen On Road.

Premium Fleet - You can add up to 5 vehicles per account and so can include the trailers, boats, floats and other vehicles within your own business or personal fleet.


Search and Connect.
Download your Free Follow Travels app NOW and use it whenever you see a vehicle sporting the


We would like to invite you to be part of a growing Follow Travels fleet of vehicles. Come and create your profile page with all your selected points of contact so you can be found easily.
All you need to do is join the fleet (it's Free) and attach the Follow Travels logo to your vehicle so that you can be recognised. Now you have all your internet links, phone contacts and details available within your profile for new friends or your customers who see you on the road and wish to 'follow' you. Essential for all business owners to ensure you are part of our PREMIUM FLEET.
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