About Us

Follow Travels - Where On Road Goes Online! the ability to create an online profile and link it with your business or personal vehicles is an innovation in the road travel industry. It allows people to search, find and connect with you the instant they see your vehicle. It is a concept that has been designed for you, the user, to be easy to use, friendly and fun.

You can create your own profile page to show photos and logo and include all your internet, social media, address and phone contacts and tell everyone a little about yourself.

Designed originally for small to medium business so their customers can connect with the business service or product they need, the concept has many applications for large fleets of vehicles, long distance travellers and private vehicle owners to create a profile and have an on road / online presence.

Our team who are instrumental in the growth and development of Follow Travels.

Gerarda Mader

founder & Director Follow Travels Pty Ltd

Tony Mader

co-founder & business systems consultant

Madison Mader

Consumer consultant

Isao Hida

App developer - appiwork

Zoe Hida

App developer - appiwork

We are constantly exploring and implementing new concepts and features into Follow Travels and we appreciate all your feedback. If you have a feature you would like to see included or an update that needs to be included please share at FEEDBACK@FOLLOWTRAVELS.COM